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for Dogs Who Are Reactive On-Leash . . . .
Does your dog bark, howl, growl or lunge at other dogs or people
when out for an on-leash walk?
Learn games and exercises to redirect your dog
Bring your dog to the "calm doggie gym"!

The Process

Step 1:   First session is one hour long, outside in warrmer weather.  I take your information about what's happening with your dog and what you've been doing so far.  Then I will make equipment recommendations, give you management to keep the behaviors in check, and some training exercises to get you started.

Step 2:   Second session is live with me outdoors (weather permitting) in a quiet area in South Portland, Maine.  We will go over the training techniques useful for working a reactive dog to keep them focused and below threshold.

Step 3:   Third session is live in an industrial area using my human/ dog decoy team.  These will resume in spring, 2023.  Working at a distance from another person and dog team we will allow your dog to sniff around and "be a dog" at a distance so that we approach the decoy team gradually and obliquely while your dog is comfortable and relaxed.  Like the "calm doggie gym".

Using some of the principles from Behavior Adjustment Training, as well as Shadow Skills moves from Wag It Games, people practice having their dogs behave calmly in a situation where they would usually be reactive.  The dog is rewarded with small, high-value food treats. We work far enough away from the "decoy" dog to give your dog the chance to choose to be calm and work with you instead of being reactive.

Usually your dog barks & growls at another dog or person to make them go away, and it works because you DO leave the area!  Working opposite another dog/handler team at a distance great enough so that your dog will not be reactive, which is called working “under threshold”, your dog gets to practice approaching another dog and person and offering “calming signals” instead of erupting into a barking frenzy.

Goal:  To have your dog behave calmly on-leash in the presence of other dogs and people.

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Raising Canine Maine
Mallory Hattie, CPDT-KA
Phone: 207-642-3693