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Private Lessons

Private Lessons

I will address behavioral issues using management and positive training to help you achieve your goals with your dog.  You make a list of the issues you want to work on and we address the most important first.

I currently have an outdoor location in Scarborough, Maine that works well for privates in warmer weather, and will also work outside in your yard or neighborhood. 
I am able to work inside your home
(as long as you are not a Tide laundry products user as I am very allergic to Tide!).

Private Lessons Online via Zoom

Sign up for Zoom HERE!  It's free!

Please call Mallory at 207-642-3693 to discuss your case.  

Many issues can be addressed via teleconferencing.  

The Fun Way to Optimize Owner/Pet Relationships!

Raising Canine Maine
Mallory Hattie, CPDT-KA
Phone: 207-642-3693