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Private Lessons

Classes are wonderful for training basic behaviors and also practicing with your dog around distractions.

But, for working on specific issues, a private lesson in your home is always the way to go.  Working on specific behaviors is part training and includes lots of management, so seeing you and your dog in your home setting allows Mallory to offer advise based on your environment.

First Session:
Mallory will come to your home for a visit! During her first visit she will sit with you and take information about you and your dog, allowing her to get a complete picture of the situation.
For the rest of the session she will show you positive, non-aversive management and training techniques to work on the issues you have with your dog.

First session is generally one hour and a half to 2 hours.

Mallory will return to your home to help you continue improving your dog’s behaviors, adding new techniques to your tool box and refining your existing strategies. Mallory can accompany you while you walk your dog to coach you through various on-leash behavioral issues.

Follow up sessions are 1 hour to 1 hour & 15 minutes.

Having trouble managing your dog while you have visitors in your home?  Have a private lesson while visitors are present so Mallory can show you in real time how to manage your dog while visitors are present.

Clients are saying . . . " You rock. Thanks for all the great tips.  I loved your calm energy with Lucy and us today. Thank you! "


Please call for rates.


The Fun Way to Optimize Owner/Pet Relationships!

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