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Hazel enjoys play with Mango
in January, 2020

Puppy Play Groups
ongoing weekly

at Refreshing Paws
a boarding and grooming facility
132 Brackett Road
Gorham, Maine

Let's have fun, exercise your pups and learn about what is and isn't appropriate dog behavior and how to kindly intervene and redirect when necessary.

Saturdays in 2021
For puppies from the ages of 10 weeks old to 6 months old
up to 30 pounds

Next Puppy Play Group:  Saturday, September 25, 2021
from 10:00 - 11:00 a.m.

Puppies with differing play styles will be separated with gating


●  Due to space constrictions, each puppy may bring only one human to play group.  (Sorry!  Take video for your family!)  

●  All pups must be current on Parvovirus and Distemper vaccines (Abbreviated "DHPP" or "DAPP").

●  Please bring your pup on a regular 6 foot leash attached to a flat collar or body harness.  A body harness is preferred with a flat collar as back-up.   You will also need to bring treats!  We will want to reward them for coming when called (during play that can be challenging!) and for when we restrain them to take them back outside for potty breaks. 

We will be working inside the training room which has a rubber-covered floor.  8 Puppies maximum for play group. 

As per current CDC Guidelines, masks will be required, since we are currently in a "high" transmission area.

Current CDC Guidelines

Cost: $20 payable in advance to hold your spot.

To participate in Play Group call Mallory at 207-642-3693

or e-mail here

Please include your puppy's name, age, breed and weight in your e-mail. Thank you! 


The Fun Way to Optimize Owner/Pet Relationships!

Raising Canine Maine
Mallory Hattie, CPDT-KA
Phone: 207-642-3693