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Puppy Play Groups

New Format! 

Saturdays from 10:30 a.m. - noon

at Paws Applause
27 Gorham Rd.
Scarborough, Maine


The store is located in the Oak Hill Plaza just behind Walgreens
on the corner of Route 1 and Route 114.
Please park in the lot on the Gorham Road/ Route 114 side of the building.

Look for the PUPPY PLAY HERE signs

For puppies from 9 weeks old to 8 months of age.
Maximum weight:  35 pounds.

Mallory has been the Puppy Social Director at the Planet Dog store in Portland, Maine for 12 years.  The store has gone through some changes and it was decided that they would discontinue the current play groups and bring them back in a different format later this year.  

So, Mallory has moved to Paws Applause in Scarborough, Maine!  

There is a separate room in the back of the Paws Applause store where Puppy Play Group will be held.  The space is large enough to be divided into the "Newbie/ Gaining Confidence" crowd and the "Rowdy Players/ Heavy Hitters" crowd, and the humans will be in the space with their puppies.  Drop in anytime between 10:30 a.m. and noon on Saturdays for a good time! 

$10 Cash only



My favorite part about Puppy Play groups is translating "Dog" for humans.  Remember, dogs are not verbal, so they will say, "I need space!" by showing their teeth or growling:  all normal!  I point out polite behaviors as well as rude behaviors, and we will see a variety of both, since the pups are test-driving their worlds!  I point out that "giving breaks" is a crucial puppy skill that keeps the peace during play, and that a puppy who needs to learn to give breaks will receive a few snarks from others, which would be appropriate.  I will point out subtle (to humans!) dog expressions or behaviors (what does lip-licking mean?) and how to tell the difference between play growling and serious growling. Learn to interpret dog!


●   Please bring treats for your puppy! (Or purchase in-store.)  We will work on some training with distractions!
●   Please only feed treats to your puppy in the pen.  We want YOU to be the most rewarding human to your puppy, and we will work on calling puppies out of play, which is no easy feat!

●   Please bring your puppy on a regular 4' to 6 ' leash attached to a quick release flat collar or a body harness.  No flexi-leads, please!
●   If a skuffle breaks out in the pen (Yup! It happens!) please do not yell!  This only raisies the level of stimulation.  Instead, please count out loudly, "One, two, three!".  Most skuffles are resolved within 3 seconds!  This allows pups to work on their conflict resolution skills.  After that, if it continues, we will intervene and separate the offenders.  
●   Puppies should be current on parvovirus and distemper vaccines.  Puppies over 6 months old should also be current on rabies vaccine. 


Check out Puppy Play Videos Here!

The Fun Way to Optimize Owner/Pet Relationships!

Raising Canine Maine
Mallory Hattie, CPDT-KA
Phone: 207-642-3693

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